Who cares about the Robinhood IPO when Traeger is going public too

Robinhood gets all of the attention but Traeger is the way to go

Robinhood may have a brand that is attractive to the new retail trading public, but the way to my heart is through what goes in my mouth (i.e. food). Along those lines, nothing beats cooking on a grill and Traeger is my grilling life saver.  It is another company going public today. The IPO just opened at $22.00 and is trading up to $22.63.

Robinhood gets all of the attention but Traeger is the way to go

Traeger upped my grilling game by providing an automatically fed wood pellet grill that keeps a stable temperature, allows to smoke meats at a low temperature, or fire up to 500F to grill a burger or steak. It has an app that allows me to adjust temperature from my air conditioned house, and monitor the meats temperature to the proper level. There are NO flare ups as it creates the heat by burning the pellets in a fire pit under a metal sheet and distributing an even temperature via a fan mechanism.  

Fire up the Traeger and fire up the stock too today. 

My treager

Above is my Traeger under wrap, but it will be ready to fire up and cook over the weekend.  

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