SMN – Structural Monitoring Systems

SMN Structural Monitoring Systems

SMS Vision

To produce remote crack detection sensor and instrument products based on the patented CVM™ principle that will radically reduce the cost of maintenance and vehicle or plant down-time associated with performing safety critical structural integrity NDT inspections. Durable, simple to design and manufacture, easy to install and use, highly reliable and with a benchmark crack detection capability, CVM™ technology has application in a broad range of commercial, military and industrial market sectors, specifically in air, land and sea transportation systems, power-generation systems, and industrial processing plants.

Joint Development Programs

Airbus – In-Flight Structural Integrity Monitoring capability development.

Boeing, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), US Airline Operators – Boeing NDT Standard Practices Manual

Lockheed Martin / BAE SYSTEMS – Joint Strike Fighter structural Prognostic Health Monitoring capability trade study

European Aerospace Defence Systems (EADS) Military Aircraft – Maintenance Management System Structural Integrity Sensor evaluation program

Their SP has been really struggling for the past 6-12mths as their Governement funding was cut when Liberal was outed. As a result they have scaled back their operations and have recently completed a Rights Issue, where they raised enough capital to keep going. Companies were staying away until they sorted out their finance now that has been achieved, they are close to landing contracts with the above mentioned companies and various militaries.


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