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Too many to post all the charts, but a few that are looking reasonable to me:

AHS recently shot up to a new high. It’s just been settling back a bit but could be about to head up again.

EXL is picking up nicely and close to breaking its previous high.

BLD broke out of its down channel recently and appears to be continuing its uptrend again. Perhaps a little late now though for short term gain.

CDX gapped above its resistance level of $2.80 today, and even above its high of about 15 months ago.

Don’t know if you’d call it a breakout, but FLX is just starting to head up again, with a few small gaps over the last few days.

ITF is starting to pick up again after a recent down stretch.

KZL has taken a couple of big steps up these last two days, taking it to a significant new high for some months.

MCC has started heading up from what looks like a small saucer bottom.




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