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If you own Netflix stock or have even thought about buying it… this may be the most important article you read all year.

Because while the mainstream media have been blaring their sirens about Netflix’s brutal sell-off… and its death at the hands of Amazon, Disney, Hulu, and Apple… they’re missing a MUCH bigger story.

You see, Netflix isn’t likely to “die” the way media heads proclaim… but it’s also unlikely to make you rich.

At least not anymore.

Sure, back in 2004 when we first recommended Netflix to our members at $1.85, you could’ve turned $10,000 into $2,798,437.

But those days are gone – and they’re likely never coming back (at least, not for Netflix).

The reason?

Netflix got too big and has made it near-impossible to bag those +14,000% gains our members once saw.

What’s more, the media landscape is changing at a breakneck pace…

And a new type of company is becoming increasingly necessary to the future of entertainment and streaming… that even the likes of Amazon, Disney, Apple, and Hulu won’t be able to contend with.

In fact, one tiny California company is thriving from these streaming giants.

They love that Disney is releasing its streaming network Disney+ in November… and that Apple just put $6 billion into its streaming efforts.

That’s because this little-known company makes money as more competitors enter the market.

You see, every time you fire up Netflix or order a movie on Amazon Prime, this obscure little tech company is likely getting paid.

But you’d never guess, because their technology is hidden inside TV sets.

In fact, one in every three TVs in America is currently using this company’s breakthrough software to stream all our favorite networks.

Just ask yourself…

Have you recently watched Netflix or YouTube on your TV? Then there’s a good chance you’re using them… and they’re getting paid for the privilege.

But here’s the real reason we believe this small tech stock is poised to break out in the months ahead…

They passed 8.9 billion streaming hours watched in the first quarter of 2019 – a 74% surge over the past year
They’ve licensed their operating system to nine different TV brands, with more on the way
They’re in 33% of TVs sold in the US – and fast approaching 50%
They just partnered with one of the UK’s biggest TV makers
Their growth is fueled by the growing number of competitors and streaming apps on the market
And that’s just the beginning…

You see, this relatively unknown company is still just 1/10th the size of Netflix.

And while early investors banked over 380% gains when this company first IPO’d in September of 2017, we’re convinced it’s still in its infancy stages.

Especially now that cord-cutting is in full swing…

And Fortune magazine is estimating that about 50 million Americans will be dropping cable or satellite TV subscriptions by 2021…

… you still have a chance to create a massive fortune for yourself and your family.

But look, this isn’t the first time we here at The Motley Fool have gotten such strong buy signals on a stock.

Just a few of our calls include…

Booking Holdings (recommended 05/21/2004), up 9,374%
Shopify (recommended 02/24/2016), up 7,298%
Baidu (recommended 10/18/2006), up 1,793%
Netflix (recommended 12/17/2004), up 27,884%
Just $3,000 in each of these stocks would have given you $1,402,479!

But if you weren’t able to catch these stocks early when we recommended them, it’s still not too late.

Because as I mentioned before, we believe this tiny streaming company is getting ready to take off and make fast-acting investors handsomely rich.

And now with Barron’s calling this company “the No. 1 smart TV system in the world”…

… and Vox Media confessing this company is “essentially becoming THE cable company”…

We think this stock may even explode higher than our original price targets

That’s why I hope you take a few minutes to unlock the full research a team of highly trained stock analysts from The Motley Fool put together on this developing story and discover why we could be near a turning point.

Do you know which stock we’re talking about?

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