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F.F.I. Holdings Ltd. (the Company) is pleased to provide the following profit guidance for the
year ended 30th June 2021.
Based on unaudited financial statements and other management information, the Company
expects to report a net profit before tax of approximately $11.58 million for the full year.
The forecast net profit before tax includes income relating to the compensation received from
Main Roads of Western Australia of $6.89 million for the compulsory acquisition of part of the
Company’s land holdings. Details of the compensation received were previously announced to
the market on 21st June 2021.
Excluding the financial impact of the compensation and compulsory acquisition process, net
profit before tax from the Company’s continuing operations is expected to be $4.69 million. This
represents an increase of 16.0% compared with profit calculated on the same basis in the previous
year (and excluding gains on revaluation of investment properties in the previous year).
The Directors have not revalued the Company’s investment properties as at 30th June 2021.
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