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I wouldn’t get too carried away by the general EV hype…..especially with regard to battery life. I have an electric bike powered by a combo of Lithium ion & LiFePo batteries. While I love the extra “boost” and greater freedom it gives my old legs to ride longer distances, I can assure you that battery performance slowly but SURELY degrades over time and no. of charges. There is NO WAY you will get a “guaranteed” 330km per charge out of that vehicle, even after 5 years or only 50% of battery “life” (unless you always drive like a miser, well under the speed limits, on flat ground, at perfect ambient air temps – then you just might squeeze it out!)

There are plenty of people who live in a unit, flat or house where they have no secure off-road area to re-charge an EV overnight? How would THEY cope? Can you imagine the vandalism that would occur to street EV charging points?

Maybe converting all current fuel Service Stations to incorporate Battery Quick Change Services (where you pull in and and a qualified EV mechanic takes say 10mins to swap your half-charged or near empty battery(s) for already fully charged one(s) is probably the best solution to this quandary – but imagine the infrastructure cost for that? Not any time soon….

Here’s some sage advice from an article in a country well ahead of Oz with regard to considering the pros and cons of EV’s – the LEAF in this instance –


Will the “dream” of all-electric V’s on our streets one day turn to reality? I seriously doubt it. A quantum leap in battery technology/pricing is what’s needed here. While it’s nice to dream, the odd nightmare can always shock one back to reality…. :eek:



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